Virginia Vigliar

Virginia is a writer and curator exploring social justice, ecology, feminism, and art through a poetic lens. Her work is aimed at softly deconditioning from the systems we inhabit, she does this through sensorial essays, workshops, and talks. Writing and ritual are at the center of her research, which wants to highlight the revolutionary character and power of creativity, inner knowledge, and art, focusing on deconditioning through storytelling. Her work in community infuses poetry, ritual, movement, dialogue, and critical analysis.

Virginia Vigliar

Virginia is a writer, curator, and researcher exploring social justice, ecology, feminism, and art through a poetic lens. In the last fifteen years, she has been researching and working on gender, feminism and social justice as an activist, journalist, writer and editor. Her writing exists in the in-betweens and tackles social justice, ecology, and feminism poetically, questioning the paradigms currently in place through an approach centred on the emotional and spiritual as well as the political and logical. In her writing, she often infuses ritual, embodiment exercises, and creative prompts. She believes that deconditioning can only happen if we involve not only our minds and knowledge but also our bodies.

She is the voice behind WAVES (, a newsletter with thousands of monthly views that questions existing paradigms through a place of joy and care. Through sensorial essays, interviews, and cultural analysis, she weaves conversations on topics such as beauty, identity, masculinity, rest, entanglement, and feminisms. She offers workshops around an ecological approach to masculinity and creative sensorial workshops, find all her offerings here:

Her mission is to use words as poetic antidotes to systemic issues and to highlight the power of creativity, inner knowledge, and art in our society. Her words are in Atmos, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, The New York Times, Vice, The Lissome, World of Topia and many notebooks around the world.

Words are her comfort zone, she is working on the rest. You can follow her on Instagram @vivivigliar and subscribe to her newsletter WAVES in the link above.

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