Amisha Ghadiali

Amisha Ghadiali is a facilitator and co-creator of the globally acclaimed podcast ‘The Future Is Beautiful’. She is interested in where our inner and outer worlds dance. She is the author of ‘Intuition: Access your inner wisdom, Trust your instincts, Find your Path’, and has birthed many creative projects into this world including her sustainable jewellery label.

Amisha Ghadiali

Amisha Ghadiali, is an award-winning social entrepreneur whose career has included demanding roles in the political, sustainability, fashion and tech start-up worlds. She has combined managing a high pressure lifestyle with her deep knowledge of regenerative living, mindfulness and yoga. At first exploring how to “have it all” and then completely rewilding her life and conscious business so that it is intuitive and in tune with her natural cycles and inspiration. Her knowledge and experience in different industries makes it easy for her to connect to your daily world and bring that extra illumination which makes it all flow.

Her own “burn out” whilst “trying to save the world” led her into training as a yoga and meditation teacher, which in turn opened a giant rabbit hole deeper into the mystical realms. In addition to over 1000 hours of teacher training in Yoga & Meditation, she has trained as a priestess, reiki master and intuitive energy healer. She is a believer in embracing being a multi-hyphen human, as learning how to embrace our wholeness is so key for a beautiful life. She brings all this depth and her fascination with the dance of our inner and outer worlds to her work.

This deep commitment to understanding truth combined with over 15 years of experience gives Amisha a strong base of Community Weaving, Sacred Activism and Innovation. She had key roles in visionary projects and social enterprises including: Ethical Fashion Forum, Impact Hub, Provenance, Fashion Revolution and Compass. Upon leaving university, she set up her own ethical jewellery label, with the tagline “elegance rebellion” which received several awards and accolades. Amisha brings this creative vision with social justice and the healing arts to everything she does.

Amisha’s words have appeared in publications including The Huffington Post, Rebelle Society & Ecouterre and she has spoken at events and festivals around the world such as TEDx Oxbridge, Bali Spirit Festival, Sunday Papers Live and UnBox. She is the author of “INTUITION: Access your inner wisdom, Trust your instincts, Find your path” which she wrote during the global lockdown of 2020.

Amisha is an experienced facilitator and has a gift of bringing people into connection with themselves, each other and the earth. She has hosted many retreats. workshops and rituals around the world, and designed programmes including The Heart of Transformation, Wild Grace, and a five month residential fellowship in community facilitation leadership. She creates brave, tender and inclusive spaces for our hearts unfolding, healing and embrace of our wildness. She is able to do this also with online spaces such as through the Style & Presence: A Reclamation of Worth womxn’s summit, The Beautiful Leadership Immersion and through regular events and circles.

Amisha is the host of the globally acclaimed podcast The Future Is Beautiful which explores the weave between politics, spirituality, sustainability and creativity as moving beyond silos into an integrated way of being. The show offers deep, insightful, unedited conversations with fascinating and diverse guests, calling forth a challenging and open ended narrative for our expanding worlds. Previous guests have included Charles Eisenstein, Polly Higgins, Satish Kumar, Sally Kempton and Bruce Parry. The podcast is part of a project Amisha founded in 2010, which explored the question “what is the future you choose?” in a world where we could no longer trust in politicians and institutions to create the world we wish to live in. She edited the book The Future Is Beautiful (first published as The Future We Choose and launched at the Rio+20 climate summit in 2012) which has over 200 contributors sharing their vision of the world they wish to live in and how we can co-create it. As well as the podcast and book, there is a thriving online community (and app launching soon) which supports the living of the wisdom shared so it may be embodied and we can support each other in co-creating a paradigm shift.

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