The Science Underground: Webinar with Dr. Patricia Kaishian & So Sinopoulos-Lloyd

Dive into the fascinating world of Queer Ecology with mycologist Dr. Patricia Kaishian and wildlife tracker So Sinopoulos-Lloyd in this thought-provoking discussion hosted by Priya Subberwal. Uncover what Queer Ecology truly means and discover how it challenges heteronormativity in science and ecological thinking. How can queer ecology challenge traditional scientific narratives and inspire new ways of relating to and understanding the more-than-human world?


Dr Patricia Kaishian

Dr. Patricia Ononiwu Kaishian is the Curator of Mycology at the New York State Museum, and a professor of biology with Bard Prison Initiative. Her research focuses on fungal taxonomy, diversity and evolution, as well as queer theory and philosophy of science.

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So Sinopoulos-Lloyd

So Sinopoulos-Lloyd is an environmental educator, professional wildlife tracker, and co-founder of Queer Nature. So studies human relationships with other animals, and has an academic background in both religious studies and animal science.

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Priya Subberwal

Priya (they/she): graphic artist and host of monthly study club

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