Anna Lehmann

Nature-Based Solutions, driving carbon and biodiversity finance to the forest floor, amateur organic farmer, soil health activist.

Anna Lehmann

Anna is an organic farmer, climate nerd and food system activist since the late 90s. She connects communities in the global south and north, and builds bridges to corporates and governments to co-create trusted and equitable investment partnerships .

Humbled by the skills, knowledge and wisdom of indigenous and local communities, famers, hunters and gatherers around the world she built her career around creating direct investments into nature-based, self-determined livelihoods. In 2019, she joined Wildlife Works as Global Director for Policy and External Affairs, where she advocates for social safeguards and a suitable investment environment for community centred nature conservation projects. Anna is a co-founder of the Peoples Forests Partnership where she aims to create a safe space for communities and companies to learn from each other and build equitable investment partnerships into nature restoration and conservation.

Anna is an avid sailor and holds an MSc in Agricultural Engineering from Göttingen University, Germany and started her career as field economist alongside forest conservation and rural development programs in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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