Wielding power outside the colonial paradigm: Oyalogy and Exousiance

In Module 3 of Rewilding Mythology, Sophie Strand interviews Minna Salami about an alternative, feminist conception of power, outside the colonial paradigm in which power has become conflated with oppression through violence. Minna, whose work weaves science, history, anthropology and mythology to challenge the limitations of Europatriarchal knowledge, shares about her essay Oyalogy, later Exousiance: in which she draws from her Yoruba belief system to construct a psychoactive language, animating power in a new-old paradigm of liberation and deep transformation.


Minna Salami

Minna Salami is a Nigerian, Finnish, and Swedish feminist author and social critic currently at The New Institute. Her research focuses on Black feminist theory, contemporary African thought, and the politics of knowledge production

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Sophie Strand

Sophie is a writer based in the Hudson Valley who focuses on the intersection of spirituality, storytelling, & ecology.

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