Why we shouldn't fear eclipse season

"We always have choice as to how we approach them. We can always choose how we move towards a certain juncture. We may not—and we often cannot—choose the energy that's coming. But we can choose how we approach it. And eclipses and eclipse season is often talked about as if it is something to fear, something that is very intense, something that is going to bring about circumstances that are out of our control. The intensity, I think, is as you take it, as you make it."


Beloved Sara Zaltash

Beloved Sara Zaltash is queer British-Iranian astrologer, artist and musician, dedicated to raising the voice of GodS. With roots in sacred climate activism, they apply their skills as a performer, diviner, writer, singer, facilitator, teacher, space-holder, ritualist and community organiser to weave holy healing across all spheres of life.

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