What is blocking your wants and desires?

adrienne maree brown says: "Desire is a map that we have to follow, if we want to get to the end of the journey, the journey of becoming who we are." In the second week of Joy and the Body, Aisha Paris Smith unpacks wants and desires, and what they reveal about our bodies and selves. What do wants support? What happens when we voice them? What happens when they are blocked? From fear of our own power, to doubting our self-knowledge, Aisha offers some reasons why our wants and desires may be blocked, and what repressing and blocking may look like.


Aisha Paris Smith

Somatic sexologist, bodyworker and life coach. Aisha blends her conscious approach to life with the profound experience of being in a body. She embraces all that it means to be a human with flesh, blood, bones, ego and eros. She experiences every day the wisdom of her body and has seen clients transform through the power of somatic methods.

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