We need to start building post-capitalist infrastructure now

“What we're suggesting is, in order for the human enterprise to survive—we're not even talking flourishing—survive, we need to start building that post-capitalist infrastructure now. And what I don't want to do is point to examples of Rojava or Zapatistas, as if they are some blueprint model, because that's where the Western mind will go. They're contextually dependent, they're contextually relevant. [What] they share [are] principles. And they share a philosophy: that is inherently informed by the current crises of capital and neoliberalism.”


Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai is an author, keynote speaker and host of The Hive Podcast, a series that enquires into our relationship with one another, with technology and with the living world. With a diverse background in human behaviour, persuasive tech and the arts, Nathalie brings a unique vantage point from which to examine the complex challenges we face today.

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Alnoor Ladha

Alnoor is a co-founder and executive director of The Rules (www.therules.org), founding partner of Purpose (www.purpose.com) and board member of Greenpeace USA (www.greenpeace.org). Alnoor’s work focuses on the intersection of political organizing, storytelling, and technology. As a founding member and the executive director of The Rules, he is part of a global network of activists, organizers, designers, coders, researchers, writers, and others dedicated to changing the rules that create inequality and poverty around the world.

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