The power in our hands: breaking the myths about money

Talk given by Anna Laycock at the advaya event Alternative Economies: The Banks, The Myths & The Earth.

We all know that our current economic system isn't working. It is an economy based on ravaging the Earth's finite resources and on immense social injustice. To ensure a more democratic, sustainable and prosperous future we need to look to radical, ethical solutions that go beyond the debt-growth trap. We need to find an economic system where ecological sustainability, social justice, and financial stability go hand in hand: an economy that meets the needs of all, not just the privileged few, and allows us to thrive.


Anna Laycock

Anna leads the Finance Innovation Lab’s work for a financial system that serves people and planet. The Lab incubates the people and ideas with the potential to positively disrupt finance: innovators developing new business models, campaigners changing the rules of the game, and professionals seeking to change the system from the inside out.

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