The healing voice: healing family and ancestors

This experiential talk explores how sound and the voice have been used in different traditions as one of the most effective ways to balance the mind and body, empower our lives, and ultimately achieve enlightenment. Jill guides us to experience the ancient magic of Mongolian overtone chanting, sacred songs, chants, sonic meditations and more as we learn how to use the voice to release uniquely powerful energies, which can be used for physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. By freeing the voice in certain ways it is possible to find physical health, emotional joy and spiritual ecstasy.

Jill also talks about her development of sonorous family constellations, which heal the resonant field of the family. When earlier family members die or ‘leave' prematurely, trapped and painful patterns of exclusion act as magnets or attractors for later generations. Jill talks about her work, which finds the key to unlock persistent patterns, so order is restored and the family system opened to the light of revelation and redemption. This is the key that sets the individual, the family and later generations free.


Jill Purce

Jill Purce is recognised internationally as the pioneer of the Sound Healing and Ancestral Healing movements, through her rediscovery of ancient vocal techniques, the power of group chant, and the spiritual potential of the voice as a magical instrument for healing and meditation. S

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