Rerooting relationship

Do we as individuals have the power of peace? What is meant as women power in this process? What is needed to create a movement, which is stronger than all violence will and can have success? What to do in this challenging time. So we know and have a vision of a healed planet earth and a humanity which left the pattern of war? Is it true: Where there is love there can not be war? How does a society look like, where we in live in peace with the earth and all her beings.


Sabine Lichtenfels

Sabine Lichtenfels is a freelance theologian, author, and co-founder of Tamera and the GRACE Initiative for a Future without War

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Anwulika Okonjo

Anwulika Okonjo is a global social impact strategist and communications consultant, especially passionate about working with women-led businesses/organisations and women/youth/African/black people focused initiatives across a broad range of issue areas.

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