Quantum Physics & Holistic Science: Q&A

Q&A at the advaya event Quantum Physics & Holistic Science, with Philip Franses and Hardin Tibbs: Explore the metaphysical questions raised by quantum physics and the ‘nothing’ our theory of everything forgets, investigating how in redrawing the balance of darkness and light, emptiness and realisation, zero and one, a dynamic challenge is painted of who we are, combining science and spirit.


Philip Franses

Philip Franses is a Senior Lecturer of Holistic Science at Schumacher College. Philip studied mathematics at New College Oxford from 1976 to 1980, yet academia’s dull explanation of the world inspired Philip on a counter-journey into the depths of experience, travelling and a re-sensitisation to quality.

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Hardin Tibbs

Hardin Tibbs is a strategic analyst, futures thinker, adviser and innovator with long experience of future-focused strategic thinking.

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