Q&A on Regenerative Activism

Q&A held at the advaya event Regenerative Activism: Revitalising Self and Society, with Sarah Corbett, Natasha Adams, and Rachel Lilley.

An exploration of tools and approaches that can transform our activism into a source for flourishing, both individually and socially. Those of us involved in social change are all too familiar with the challenge of meeting injustice and hardship in the world. Our aim is to explore a range of tools and approaches, collective and personal, to make our activism more effective and sustainable. We will look at the personal and inner dimensions, as well as the interpersonal and organisational factors that enable long term engagement and continuity in the struggles we face. We hope to understand how our work for social change can be a context for flourishing, both individually and socially. We will explore these issues using holistic and participatory methods, drawing on popular education, ecological and systems thinking, as well as reflective practices. The day will bring together leading activists and change makers from across the UK and beyond, to share practice and strengthen networks.


Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett founded Craftivist Collective in 2009 when after years of marches, signing protests and working on campaigns for large charities, she had begun to doubt the effects of some conventional activism, and as an introvert didn’t feel she fitted in to many activist groups. The time felt right to add a slower and less aggressive approach to the activism toolkit, not to replace other forms of activism but to add more tools to do activism effectively.

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Natasha Adams

Natasha’s years as a grassroots activist focused on environmental and social justice, and anti-militarism, evolved into a career as a professional campaigner which has spanned the last decade.

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Rachel Lilley

Dr Rachel Lilley is a practitioner academic with expertise in environmental and social change. Her research has included a world leading project on improving decision making and collaboration in government, building psychological capability in Senior Leaders through research and a training intervention using behavioural economics and attention practices such as mindfulness. She has over 20 years’ experience developing systemic approaches to environmental, social, individual, and organisational change.

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