Myths move

Ecosystems are constituted by constant cycles of decay and regrowth. We can replant myth in ecology by understanding that storytelling, too, remains healthy when it goes through cycles, decaying, regrowing, and adapting to suit shifting climatological and social pressures. We can examine oral storytelling, forest ecosystems, fungal spores, and a rich mythology of storm gods to begin to understand how we cannot prize ascension over descent, text over spoken word. Healthy mythologies grow connective tissue between dualisms, cultivating fertile mythic gradients between opposing ideologies. Conversely, we can look at what happens when these mythic cycles get interrupted in the examples of patriarchy and material reductionism.


Sophie Strand

Sophie is a writer based in the Hudson Valley who focuses on the intersection of spirituality, storytelling, & ecology.

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Josh Schrei

Joshua Michael Schrei is a writer, teacher, lifelong student of the mythologies of the world and the founder of The Emerald podcast.

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Tom Hirons

Tom is a writer and storyteller whose particular interests are finding ways to speak and write with eloquence and power, and how those qualities might be cultivated through truth-telling, word-craft, paying keen attention to the world and knowing who we are in this life.

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