Fungi and plants working together

This talk was given at the advaya event Secrets of the Forests: Lives Within & Beyond the Trees, with Alan Rayner, Kay Haw & Martin Bidartondo.

We are learning fast about the ancient and intimate links among living plants and fungi. It turns out that most plants do not have roots, they have fungus-roots instead. From the tiny first land plants, to today’s huge forests, fungi have always been crucial facilitators. Their essential networks are underground, so their study has been largely out of sight and out of mind. However, we now know that these widespread fungal-plant interactions control nutrient and carbon cycles in our rapidly changing planet. Come to learn about mutualism, cheating and pollution in the world of fungi and plants.


Martin Bidartondo

Martin Bidartondo works at the Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London. He is also an Honorary Research Associate at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Martin does research in Mycology, Environmental Science, Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.

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