Decolonising masculinity: Indigenous thinking

In the spirit of truly decolonising masculinity, we ask: if the solution is not to supplant an oppressive universalism with another, what might we learn from restorying masculinities back into place and culture? In this module, we dialogue with Indigenous guests who reframe some of the most intractable paradoxes in the “culture wars” by offering perspectives that include multiplicity.


Ian MacKenzie

Ian MacKenzie is a filmmaker and writer who lives on the Salish Sea with his partner and young son.

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Ke’oni Hanalei

Ke’oni is just one of only a handful of practitioners who have access and are willing to share this ancient archaic knowledge. Pua’aehuehu, Fern Medicine, or emotional intelligence—one aspect of this ‘ike, the legacy of his lineage—the awareness of the movement of emotions, and the release from control fixation. Ke’oni is also versed in ancient primal, meditative, and movement practices, and the comprehension of familial and lineal wisdom through the reading of the nervous system and DNA.

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Téo Montoya

Writer, and Indigenous Futurist

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