Cultivating response-ability amidst the trouble

Ahead of advaya's upcoming online course: Re/membering our Rooted Selves, we speak with co-curators Naida Culshaw and Maria Clara Parente on what it means to cultivate response-ability in transitional times. How does making kin and relating differently, re-storyation and shapeshifting, and reweaving ourselves into the threads of the past, help us continue to be present to the trouble, in resilient and continuous ways? This timely and timeless conversation traverses ideas of world-endings, narrative shifting and re-writing, connection through stories and art, and the importance of slowing down, which may not be what you think it is.


Naida Culshaw

Naida Culshaw is university lecturer and Doctorate of Business Administration candidate at Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) in France, as well as a coach and consultant.

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Maria Clara Parente

Maria Clara Parente is a Rio de Janeiro based writer, artist, journalist, and film director who researches other ways of inhabiting this planet towards decolonial futures.

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Tammy Gan

Tammy (she/her) leads on content and storytelling at advaya.

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