Creating fashion from a feminist and holistic perspective

Talk given by Sophie Slater at the advaya event: Toxic Threads: The Dark Side of Fashion. Sophie is co-founder of Birdsong. She is also a facilitator for feminist charity, Fearless Futures. Birdsong is an ethical online marketplace selling fashion made by women’s groups. They work on a promise of “no sweatshops & no photoshop”. Birdsong wants to revolutionise the way you dress. All their clothes are made by women’s groups with rare skills, creating wearable pieces with a mind to the future. From migrant seamstresses to knitting grannies, Birdsong connects women from worker to wearer.


Sophie Slater

Sophie Slater is the co-founder of Birdsong London, and currently does freelance work: they specialise in mission driven social media strategy.

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