Embodiment & Somatics

What if we were able to get to the root of cultural crises? What if we were able to transform cultures by transforming the ways in which we inhabited our bodies? When we understand that lying at the root of behaviours that cause harm is often embedded trauma we can start to relate to each other a lot more compassionately and understand that ideas/actions don't arise out of a vacuum. Somatics and physical self-awareness is essential to breaking free from oppressive systems and stories that are either internal or external to ourselves.

Facilitated by Ebyän Chimba

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Course modules

An introduction into somatics and embodiment for transformation with your host, Eby Chimba. Engage our body-mind-spirits as portals with Petra Kuppers, a community performance artist and a disability culture activist. Explore the Four Cornerstones for accelerating the shift from a Domination System to a more equitable and sustainable Partnership System with Riane Eisler.

Transition to be in our bodies with professor and author, Christine Caldwell. Reconnect with your body's innate wisdom to heal in motion with Yasmin Lambat, a fascia-informed somatic movement therapist and educator.

Dive into understanding the connections between personal and systemic transformation with Staci Haines, somatic teacher and author of “The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing and Social Justice”. Implement boundaries to embody receive, give and take with Dr. Betty Martin, a Chiropractor and intimacy coach.

Ground yourself in this movement workshop with Eby Chimba. Eby introduces the socratic dialogue process.

Explore your own body and allow yourself to feel intimate with sexological bodyworker, Aisha Paris Smith. Explore the different types of mother-newborn bonds and the somatic markers they leave with psychotherapist/holistic healer, Sister Efu Nyaki.

Embodiment teacher, Ya’Acov Darling Khan shares his learnings from Indigenous and shamanic communities on why movement is medicine. Connect your body to the intelligence of the Earth with facilitator, Kate Joyner.

Move from a personal embodiment practice into being a part of an ecology of transformation, with artist and embodiment educator Camille Barton. Loosen your body and find what feels good to you with Akeim Toussaint-Buck, an interdisciplinary performer and maker.

Course Includes

7 Modules
25 Sessions
15 leading somatic teachers, practitioners and facilitators
Curated readings and resources
Community discussion area
Video and audio available


Ebyän Chimba

Ebyän is a Nubian-Italian speaker, activist, and multidisciplinary artist. She weaves worlds through her writing, dance, and storytelling pieces that inspire, heal, and revolutionize. Ebyän abides by the wisdom written in rock, wood, water, and in our hearts, reclaiming the animist spirituality of her ancestral heritage.

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Petra Kuppers

Petra is disability culture activist and community performance artist.

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Riane Eisler

Riane Eisler is a social systems scientist, cultural historian, futurist, and attorney whose research, writing, and speaking has transformed the lives of people worldwide.

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Christine Caldwell

Christine Caldwell, is the founder and professor emeritus of the Somatic Counselling Program at Naropa University, where she taught somatic counseling, clinical neuroscience, research, and diversity issues.

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Yasmin Lambat

Yasmin Lambat is a fascia-informed somatic movement therapist and educator.

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Staci Haines

Staci is a leader in the field of Somatics, specializing in intersecting personal and social change, and individual and systemic trauma. She is the co-founder of generative somatics, a multiracial social justice organization bringing somatics to social and climate justice leaders and organizations. Her new book The Politics of Trauma is based on that work. Staci is also to author of Healing Sex.

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Betty Martin

Betty is a Chiropractor, Body Electric School trained Sacred Intimate, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Foundations of Facilitation trainer, and a self-propelled erotic adventurer and intimacy coach with 30 years experience in therapeutics and body-based erotic education.

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Aisha Paris Smith

Somatic sexologist, bodyworker and life coach. Aisha blends her conscious approach to life with the profound experience of being in a body. She embraces all that it means to be a human with flesh, blood, bones, ego and eros. She experiences every day the wisdom of her body and has seen clients transform through the power of somatic methods.

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Sister Euphrasia (Efu) Nyaki

Sister Euphrasia (Efu) Nyaki is a psychotherapist offering alternative forms of preventative health care and holistic healing to adult and adolescent women and their impoverished communities in northern Brazil.

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Ya'Akov Darling Khan

Ya’Acov Darling Khan, the author of the best-selling Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart – the Real-Life Initiation of an Everyday Shaman (Hay House 2017), and the recently released 'Shaman – Invoking Power, Purpose and Presence in the Core of Who YOU Are' (Hay House March 31 2020), is known for his blend of down-to-earth strength, humility and uplifting humour.

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Kate Joyner

Kate is part of the Animas Vallery faculty where she serves as a guide to the mysteries of Soul by facilitating the Underworld Journey to Soul.

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Camille Barton

Camille Barton is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and embodiment researcher, who uses afrofuturism to imagine creative interventions towards systems change. They are invested in breaking down the mind body separation that is dominant in Western paradigms in order to create more space for flexible thinking, holistic healing and bridging across differences.

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Akeim Toussaint-Buck

Akeim is an interdisciplinary performer and maker, born in Jamaica and raised in England. His intention is to create moving, thought provoking and free spirited work that challenges, enlightens and reflects on socio-political issues.

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What our students say

Just…. thank you!!! I can’t tell you how happy I was to do the course. I’d never joined anything like that before & I found it really quite transformative. I’ve read & read a lot of stuff. For me it was more useful to follow the live speakers, interact there & actually move. That was the revelation for me!

by Catherine Takhtay

What You'll Learn

  • To explore our lived experience of the world and gain deep personal insight of our own somatic reality
  • To understand the relationships between the body, mind and experience, and between embodiment and social transformation
  • To address the workings of trauma and experiment with transformational practices that reconnect us with our bodies, including Somatic Experiencing, Fascia Informed Movement, Movement Medicine, Mythosomatics, and much more